Matt Dyer
2 min readMay 13, 2020


B2B Social Reach — How to 100 x Engagement

Particularly in the B2B market an organisations Social persona is often very much on brand, and I get a sense people are a bit bored by the messaging, but how do B2B brands become more authentic, in my mind it’s about getting your employees to promote the brand organically on social to help amplify reach. Some have nailed it, but the majority of organisations control and manufacture what people can say which stifles creativity, emotion, engagement and authenticity which is what typically sells.

An innovative approach piloted by the team at

recently was where they used #hashtags on Twitter, as the mechanism to pay people for promoting their brand essentially flipping “Influencer Marketing” on its head and paying their community using “micro payment” to promote its brand.

Why could this approach work in the Enterprise

✔ Incentivise and Gamify Social Media posting should help encourage adoption?

✔ Setting an engagement metric (i.e. 5 likes and 1 retweet) prior to payment guarantees people curate interesting and meaningful content which inherently helps drive a competitive aspect.

✔ Employees get the opportunity to build their personal brand while promoting the company they work creating a Win/Win situation

✔ Payments are made in Real Time so people can sense the value they are creating

Social Pay — Pilot in Numbers

Looking at the stats posted by Zilliqa, if you are an enterprise looking at significantly amplifying your Companies reach on Twitter while at the same time improving the engagement from your employees, this type of approach may be worth looking at.

Social Pay