The marketplace model is all the rage in fintech because it is convenient and accessible and investors using a ‘Super app’ like Revolut can access different services and asset options from one interface i.e. Crypto, Insurance, Gold and so on.

In time, I expect this market to open up to the point where the ordinary consumer has access to alternate investments like #whiskey, yachts and high-end cars. In fact, the high-speed race to differentiate products and services has already begun across every industry — and Blockchain will become the accelerator.

Alternative Asset Class Investments
Alternative Asset Class Investments

Rarer varieties of Whiskey have topped the Knight Frank Luxury…

Wirecard has been the talk of the #fintech world as it collapsed last week due to a fraud scandal that some are saying could be in the region of 2 Billion dollars, and we await the wider implications it’s fall from grace may have on the banking industry.

Spike in Customer Contact

From a customer service perspective, the Wirecard crisis has caused a massive headache for associated customer-contact centres, because they were over-loaded with inquiries from customers who could no longer access their money. I was amongst those inconvenienced. …

B2B Social Reach — How to 100 x Engagement

Particularly in the B2B market an organisations Social persona is often very much on brand, and I get a sense people are a bit bored by the messaging, but how do B2B brands become more authentic, in my mind it’s about getting your employees to promote the brand organically on social to help amplify reach. Some have nailed it, but the majority of organisations control and manufacture what people can say which stifles creativity, emotion, engagement and authenticity which is what typically sells.

An innovative approach piloted by the team at…

A new breed of finance players is emerging into the crowded space of retail banking: the promoters of the Cool Bank Card. Their edge is not only the card with the ‘open’ banking smarts, but also a hedge that Money Over IP #MOIP will become mainstream. Thus, instead of just backing digitised money these disruptive e-wallet players give the consumer the opportunity to get comfortable with exploring “digital” money and the benefits associated with currency of the Web 3.0 era. Crucially, they bridge the gap between the old and new world in that they allow individuals to spend their digitised…

Are the disruptors going to be disrupted? In particular, can the legacy banks respond to the challenge from the digital interlopers? The banking industry, conventional and insurgent, is clearly in an increasingly uncertain space.

Due to Divergent Legislation, Open Banking, Slowing Economies, trade wars and so forth, countries all round the world are searching for all sorts of novel opportunities to stimulate growth.

Consequently, the likes of Starling, Monzo and Revolut have identified and are exploiting the possibilities of revolutionising and shaking up the paradigms informing the status quo.

Following such developments, only the other week I arranged to get…

Lottery Distruption

Is the Lottery the next Industry to be Disrupted?

For my sins I’m still in my company’s lottery syndicate and for 18 years have been staking £1 pound a week, resulting in a £1000 investment with zero return!!! So what I used to see as just a bit of fun, constitutes in retrospect, the unrewarding outlay of a significant sum of money!!

I’m always interested in disruptive solutions, and I came across PoolTogether who offer a paradigm shift both in terms of how a lottery is played and how it could be perceived. Currently in the UK the National Lottery…

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